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Joy of joys, I'm ill. Nothing better than not being able to sleep thanks to a sore throat, sore muscles, sore head and stressful thoughts running around my head. Of course it's probably just a regular cold combined with being exhausted but I don't handle getting ill well. It'll most likely turn into a case of manflu and I'll make everyone's lives miserable complaining about how unwell I am. If I'm still like this next Thursday I'll be incredibly unhappy because it'll ruin my weekend in London. I'm not walking around the Expo feeling like I'm going to collapse. Been there, done that, it isn't fun! After I've finished typing this up I'm crawling back under my mass of duvets and trying to go to sleep. I hate being tired but not actually being able to drift off. I also want to get up early tomorrow so I can go have breakfast since I haven't eaten since about half 12 today. Well, yesterday now.

After college tomorrow I'm getting picked up and I'll be heading back to Stirling for the weekend. I also have an early morning appointment at the hospital, so no lie-ins for me. Once that's over there's the hour long walk home after... if I'm not well still tomorrow night I'll be cancelling the appointment. Well see how everything is after some good food (i.e. something I haven't cooked myself) and a warm bath. I'm craving those two things something terrible right now but I still have 19 hours to go, seven of which are dull college classes. All I want is some comfort and wireless internet! As well as as chance to properly wash my eyebrow piercing since it's a little sore.

Another good thing about being back in Stirling tomorrow night is I can watch the second Eurovision semi-final. I finally got around to seeing Finland's live version- what a dissapointment. The original studio version is fantastic and was stuck in my head for weeks, but the live semifinal version was more or less dreadful. Nevertheless, I'll still be cheering for them on Saturday. Everyone else staying at my house for the weekend has picked different countries, and I think so far we have Germany, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Ukraine supporters.

Now, time for that duvet pile and some sleep.

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