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Finally, I remember my password. I might get around to using this properly, if I can quit LiveJournal and Tumblr for a bit.

Life is generally awful right now.
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I'm still ill. Getting better, that's for sure, but still ill. I'm at the stage where I cough up my lungs rather than am utterly choked up, so hopefully everything will be fine by Friday. I don't want to be stuck on a coach for nine hours sneezing and coughing everywhere.

Yesterday was Sian's hair show at her college. I met up with Raine and Olivia in town to grab lunch, shop around and wait on Tom arriving so I could hand out the tickets and we'd all go to the college together to meet up with Nickel. We ended up driving around for ages and nearly going out to Clarkston, until we found Mount Florida train station and followed it to Nickel's flat. During the show Pudding looked awesome, Sian looked angry and her male model she had only met that morning looked rather drunk. He was a twit, but Puds was able to keep him in control when they were walking down the runway. Sian came second (first place was some hideous neon raver abomination) and won a course voucher- looks like she's off back to do something else! When we all got back to Sian's after we spent hours sitting in her room talking, but I had to go home around 2am because I kept falling alseep on Nickel. After getting lost several times in the car on the way back into town, Tom managed to drop me off at the right place. Then I fell asleep for hours and didn't go into college today. I feel a little guilty but not really.

I still haven't finished my university application. My boost for finishing it has completely died since this idiot of a woman in my class told me I wouldn't get in because everyone has applied due to the recession. I hate her and I should have just ignored her, but I didn't and I keep asking what the point is and that I'm not going to get in. Plus, I'm being distracted since I'm going away this weekend. Hopefully I can get it completed by the end of next week.

Best of all, it's only three days until I'm off to London with Calley, Sian and the rest of the crew! We're going to the London Expo over the weekend and to Camden on the Monday before coming back up to Scotland. I'm cosplaying America on the Saturday and Finland on Sunday, but I just found out about the buses and trains being messed up on the DLR. I hope we can find our way out to ExCel on time. It seems like the line works get worse each time we go to London. Last time they were pretty bad too.

Also we do not speak of the travesty that was Saturday's Eurovision. The worst song came first and the best song came last.
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Joy of joys, I'm ill. Nothing better than not being able to sleep thanks to a sore throat, sore muscles, sore head and stressful thoughts running around my head. Of course it's probably just a regular cold combined with being exhausted but I don't handle getting ill well. It'll most likely turn into a case of manflu and I'll make everyone's lives miserable complaining about how unwell I am. If I'm still like this next Thursday I'll be incredibly unhappy because it'll ruin my weekend in London. I'm not walking around the Expo feeling like I'm going to collapse. Been there, done that, it isn't fun! After I've finished typing this up I'm crawling back under my mass of duvets and trying to go to sleep. I hate being tired but not actually being able to drift off. I also want to get up early tomorrow so I can go have breakfast since I haven't eaten since about half 12 today. Well, yesterday now.

After college tomorrow I'm getting picked up and I'll be heading back to Stirling for the weekend. I also have an early morning appointment at the hospital, so no lie-ins for me. Once that's over there's the hour long walk home after... if I'm not well still tomorrow night I'll be cancelling the appointment. Well see how everything is after some good food (i.e. something I haven't cooked myself) and a warm bath. I'm craving those two things something terrible right now but I still have 19 hours to go, seven of which are dull college classes. All I want is some comfort and wireless internet! As well as as chance to properly wash my eyebrow piercing since it's a little sore.

Another good thing about being back in Stirling tomorrow night is I can watch the second Eurovision semi-final. I finally got around to seeing Finland's live version- what a dissapointment. The original studio version is fantastic and was stuck in my head for weeks, but the live semifinal version was more or less dreadful. Nevertheless, I'll still be cheering for them on Saturday. Everyone else staying at my house for the weekend has picked different countries, and I think so far we have Germany, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Ukraine supporters.

Now, time for that duvet pile and some sleep.
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Finally have an account on here thanks to the awesome [personal profile] second! I was supposed to use it for RP, but I suppose that can wait until I get another account or something. Now I feel like I'm part of the cool crowd, woohoo! Actually it feels like LiveJournal did when I fist joined back in 2004, just with softer colours and a nicer name. I have a Dreamwidth and a Twitter though. You can't get more e-cooler than me.

Tomorrow I'm getting up early to go bother a Nickel before class and probably talk about Finnish history with. After that, shall see if Pudding wants bugged for a little while before I head back to the flat to sort out coursework and my university application. Or I might leave the university application because I doubt I will get in. Still haven't completely decided if I'll be taking the job at Rockness over the festival weekend too... I think I'll have to talk to my mum about that one first and see what she thinks. On one hand, music and money. On the other hand, people and camping. Ho hum.

I've also sucessfully completed a cosplay that hasn't been bought online for the first time in my life! Matt from Death Note doesn't count, all my versions of him have been fail so far and I won't consider it a proper cosplay until August when I get to run around Ayacon as him with my Near and my Mello. Anyway, finished Alfred Jones/America from Hetalia- I used his manga colouring rather than the anime though. I think I look good. I'll look better when I find my other leather glove, have my boots on and have the right glasses. Still, rather pleased. Maybe I don't fail so badly at this after all. It's also given me a boost to start work on Kristoph again, which is hopefully going to be worn as part of an Apollo Justice group next year, and Shigure from Fruits Basket. That last idea keeps growing on me.

Also- SATURDAY IS EUROVISION! Support my adopted country of Finland or I'll shoot you in the kneecaps. We did well tonight, and will hopefully do better on Saturday. Although Russia will appear with Plushenko and tATu again to rub it in our faces while the Baltic representatives cower in fear. I'll still have my country flag shutter shades on and be singing along though, much to the dismay of the Spain, Germany and Belgium supporters I'll have with me. At least my Sweden supporter still likes me though.

Now, off I dash to shower and get so fresh and so cleanclean.

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